Clark School Picture Day Ordering


For the best value, select from one of the four packages listed (Print Packages A-D). ‘Package Add-Ons’ are available to add to an ordered Print Package. You may also order á la carte, selecting only the sizes and quantities you wish. 

Retouching: Professional digital retouching is available. Should a child have a skin blemish, scar, stain on their clothing or the like, retouching may solve the issue. If you wish to order retouching, simply note on the back of the order envelope what it is you would like retouched and the photo will be retouched for a fee of $15.00.  Be as detailed as possible when requesting retouching services.

Guarantee: If the customer is not satisfied with their child’s portrait, there will be an opportunity to have it retaken on retake day, free of charge. If the customer is still dissatisfied, their money will be refunded after the return of their printed photographs.

Siblings: If you have multiple children at Clark and would like to have their picture taken together, this is possible. If you would like a sibling photograph taken, please fill out a separate order form for the Sibling Photograph. 

Multiple Child Discount: Should you have multiple children attending Clark, or if a sibling photograph is taken; the first order will be charged at our regular prices while all subsequent orders will be given a 25% discount off a package of equal or lesser value. 

Class Photos: This year we will not be doing class photos using the traditional grouping method. Instead, students will receiev a 5x7 class composite. A class composite is a grid of images made up of each student's school portrait with the teacher's portrait as well. All photo packages A-D will receive this class photo as part of the package.

On the ordering page, click the yellow 'BUY NOW' button in the top left to proceed to ordering.



Please include the name of your student in the comments section just before you check out.

Package A


4 - 8x10's

6 - 5x7's

6 - 4x6's

16 - Wallet Size

5x7 Class Composite

Package B


2 - 8x10's

4- 5x7's

3- 4x6's

8 - Wallet Size

5x7 Class Composite

Package C


1 - 8x10

2 - 5x7's

3- 4x6's

8 Wallet Size

5x7 Class Composite

Package D


2 - 5x7's

8 - Wallet Size

5x7 Class Composite

Package Add-ons

These items can be added  to any print package order

1 - 8x10 - $10

2 - 5x7's - $10

3- 4x6's - $10

8 - Wallet Size - $10

Retouching - $20

A la carte

These items can be ordered without a print package

1 - 8x10 - $15

2 - 5x7's - $15

3- 4x6's - $15

8 - Wallet Size - $15

Digital File - $30

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